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Used PCB Rinsing Machine Hot Sale PCB Cleaning Machine Washing Machine PCB Circuit Board Cleaner

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We offer services of machine operation training, making sure the machine is be renewed like new machine, parts replacement arrangements, operation consulting, etc. 

Used PCB Rinsing Machine Hot Sale PCB Cleaning Machine Washing Machine PCB Circuit Board Cleaner

Product name: Second Hand Rinsing Machine
Brand name: HX
Number: 065

What we do:
We are mainly to provide the second hand PCB production equipment, we have all the machine which used for the entire PCB production like the:
PCB cutting machine
PCB CNC drilling and milling machine
Circuit board buffing machine
Through-hole machine
Screen printing machine
Laser printer
Film laminator
Spray imaging machine
Spray etching machine
Spray stripping machine
Tin-sinking machine
Pick and place machine
Reflow Oven
Our machine can used for the 200*300mm/300mm*400/400*500mm etc. PCB boards.
You can also inform us your PCB size, then we can custom the machine for you!!!!
We can also supply the chemicals and reagents & consumables for the PCBs.

Terrence Trading Limited
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1.Professional brand new or used PCB equipments & products provider.
2.We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours
3.Delivery Date Guaranteed
4.The highest quality of service. We are responsible for you at any  time from the beginning to the long term.
5.We offer services of machine operation training, making sure the machine is be renewed like new machine, parts replacement  arrangements, operation consulting, etc.

Packaging & Delivery: 

Packaging Details:  Standard wooden case or according to customers' requirement 

Delivery Time:  Shipped in 7 days after payment

Terrence Trading Limited
Contact Person: Jo Wan
Mobile Phone: +86-18823363695
Email: terrenetradingltd@foxmail.com
Skype: licpao2324
QQ: 3104221453
Address: Baoan District, Shenzhen, China