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Used / Brand New Solder Paste Screen Printer PCB Assembly Machine SMT Second Hand Manual Printing Machine for Sale


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Used / Brand New Solder Paste Screen Printer PCB Assembly Machine SMT Second Hand Manual Printing Machine For Sale

Product name: Solder paste screen printer
Max printing area: 400*300mm
Adjustment method: Contrapuntal calibration
Refined adjustment method: Adjust through accuracy screen pole, the accuracy is 0.1mm
Suited range: Silk screen and steel screen
Weight: 20KG
Dimension: 700*650*300mm
Application: Silk/Stencil
Scraper size: 150/200mm
Ideal printing accuracy: 0.4mm IC;BGA tin ball >0.3mm
Ideal printing speed: 500/h
Bottom support: Option
Vacuum absorb: No

Manual high precision screen printing T4030 is the equipment which is used for printing or leakage printing technology. The location is mainly by hand to pick-and-place PCB board and print. It has a low-cost and easy to use, easy to learn, high efficient, it is suitable for small and medium manufacture, multi-species research\development and production.


1. Adjust button at vertical
2. Template holder
3. Working station (seat)
4. Lock block at crosswise
5. Board fixing supporter
6. Board support screw
7. Support screw fixing hole
8. Board holder
9. Holder locking hand-wheel
10. Template locking screw
11. Adjust button at lengthwise
12. Adjust button at level
13. Locking hand-wheel at lengthwise
14. Locking hand-wheel at crosswise

1. Adjust button at vertical: adjust the total stencil frame vertical height
2. Template holder: holder the stencil frame
3. Working station (seat): work place
4. Lock block at crosswise: to fix the board by length
5. Board fixing supporter: to fix the board by width
6. Board support screw: the screw can be moved and fix the supporter in the board
7. Support screw fixing hole: many holes is easy to fix the board in any place
8. Board holder: the fix the board on the both sides of the board
9. Holder locking hand-wheel: adjust the board holder in the machine
10. Template locking screw: adjust that according to the height of the stencil frame
11. Adjust button at lengthwise: adjust the stencil frame in length direction
12. Adjust button at level: adjust the stencil frame in width direction
13. Locking hand-wheel at lengthwise: fix the vertical direction
14. Locking hand-wheel at crosswise: fix the level direction



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