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Used SMT Machinery Dealers Second Hand Reflow Soldering Machine Sales for SMT LED Strip Assembly Line

Used SMT Machinery Dealers Second Hand Reflow Soldering Machine Sales for SMT LED Strip Assembly Line


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Used SMT Machinery Dealers Second Hand Reflow Soldering Machine Sales For SMT Led Strip Assembly Line

Product name: Used Reflow Soldering
Brand: Puhui
Type: T-960
Technical parameters:
The heating zone quantity: upper3/down2
The length of the heating zone: 960mm
The heating type: intelligent level sirocco and rapid infrared heating
The cooling zone quantity: 1
Maximum width of PCB board: 300MM
The operation direction: left→right
Delivery options: Net transmission+chain transmission
The speed of conveyer belt : 0-1600mm/min
The power supply: Three phase 5 line  380V/220V  50/60Hz
Peak power: 4.5KW
Heating up time: Around 15mins
Temperature control range: Room temperature~300℃
Temperature control mode: PID closed-loop control
Temperature control accuracy: ±3℃
PCB temperature distribution deviation : ±2℃
Overall dimensions: 1450×630×470
Machine weight: 90KG
3. Main parts: Complete machine 1, Power line 1, User manual (Compact disc) 1


1) LED New Light Source Reflow Oven 
2) rapid infrared heating 
3) Use PID intelligent temperature control 
4) Independent cooling

1. This machine selects the intelligent level sirocco and rapid infrared heating technology controlling, equipped with special design wind wheel, speed stability and uniform temperature, suit for uninterrupted soldering the LED and BGA components.
2. This machine is equipped with the crawler-type and five temperature area heating systems, and each temperature area uses independent PID controlling and up-down heating type, can make the inside temperature more accurate and well-proportioned, just take about 15 minutes can let it heat up to the working temperature from the room temperature.
3. Intelligent temperature wave heating type, oversized capacity wave selection, has eight temperature waves can satisfy various welding technological requirements.
4. Use programmable technology, preset the temperature wave memory storage function, can complete the whole welding process automatically according to your presetting wave.
5. Adopt the thermocouple temperature measurement and add the compensation circuit, make the temperature measurement more accurate, the wave more perfect.
6. Use PID intelligent temperature control technology; make the temperature control more accurately. Adopt the imported large current solid-state relay non-contact output can effectively avoid the IC or circuit board damage due to the rapid or uninterrupted warming up, make the whole welding process more scientific safety.
7. Transmission system adopt imported frequency conversion motor, PID closed-loop speed, equip with all the import 1:150 turbine speed reducer, smooth operation, speed adjustable range 0-1600mm/min.
8. Adopt independent wheel structure and special stainless steel strut, durable wear-resisting runs smoothly, speed precision can reach + 10mm/min.
9. Independent cooling zone, to ensure the PCB board of low temperature when the required.
10. Friendly human-machine operation interface, perfect LCD display, no need to connect with the PC, can watch the whole repairing process very clearly.
11. Ergonomic design, practical and easily operated. Good build quality but at the same time light weight and a small footprint allows the T-960 to be easily bench positioned, transported or stored.

Operating Instructions:
1. Enter into the setting interface when starts the machine. Press F2 button to select the wave, press F1 to select the point, press F3/F4 to set the corresponding temperature zone up and down, press F5 goes to the heating interface.
2. Five red switches separately control the upper 1/down 1/upper 2/upper 3/down 2 temperature zones.
3. When the temperature gets to balance, open the Motor switch and adjust the conveyor belt speed.
4. Press F2 stop heating, and enter into the setting interface.
5. Each temperature wave purposes as follows:
Wave 1 and 2: use the same with soldering the less lead paste, like 85Sn/15Pb 70Sn/30Pb
Wave 3 and 4: use the same with soldering the more lead paste, like 63Sn/37Pb    60Sn/40Pb.
Wave 5 and 6: use the same with soldering high-melting-point lead-free paste, like Sn/Ag3.5;Sn/Cu.75 Sn/Ag4.0/Cu.5 Sn95.5/Ag3.8/Cu0.7  
Wave 7 and 8: use the same with soldering lead-free solder in melting point, like Sn/Ag2.5/Cu.8/Sb.5;Sn/Bi3.0/Ag3.0
6. Attentions:
1. According to the chips size and welding technological requirements, select the proper wave.
2. Heating temperature regions distribution of upper three areas, and the lower layer 2 areas, corresponding heating waves of the first section/third section/section 4 of the first/second section/each.
3. There are lot kinds of solder paste, every company chooses is also not identical. For these reasons, we design this product can set eight waves, each wave has five sections, each section of the heating time and temperature all can alter. You can reset the heating waves according to the solder required heating temperature and time.

Daily Maintenance:
1. Keep the electrical control cabinet clean.
2. Check the fan shaft sleeve is in good condition.
3. Check the fan and the electro-motor have abnormal sound.
4. Be sure the fan does work flexibly.
5. Check the air hole if there are abnormal materials.
6. Check the transmission net-belt is in good condition.
7. Check the electrical chest and electrical equipment have abnormal sound.
8. Check the transmission part if it is in good condition and has abnormal sound.
9. Before turn on the machine, please check the working voltage if it is in the safe voltage and if it is stable. Ensure all the parts can work safely and normally. At the same time, when turn on the machine, check the parameters are the same to the last time turn off. When turn off the machine, do not let the transmission belt in the hot area, please turn off the temperature and when cool down well and stop the transmission belt.
10. Lubricate the driving rolls. Put lubricating oil every two months.
11. The motor works in high temperature for long time, please put lubricating oil twice a week or more, ensure the motor can work normally.
12. Clean the residual goods on the fan blade and motor timely. Or the circuit ages will lead to short circuit and damage the fan.
13. Be sure the machine contacts the earth when use five-wire system.


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