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How important is it to clean the PCB?
- May 16, 2017 -

When troubleshooting a non-functional or bad performance circuit, engineers can often run simulations or other analysis tools to consider the circuit from the schematic level. If these methods do not solve the problem, the best engineers may be stumped, frustrated or confused. I have experienced this pain too. To avoid getting into a similar cul-de-sac, I introduce a simple but very important tip: keep it clean!

What do I mean by saying that? If the PCB does not maintain proper cleanliness, in the PCB assembly or modification of the process of some materials can lead to serious circuit functional problems. One of the most common problems in such phenomena is flux.

Flux is a chemical agent that assists in the welding of components to the PCB. However, it is regrettable that if the welding is not cleared, the solder will degrade the surface of the PCB insulation resistance, in the process will cause a serious deterioration of the circuit performance!

Improper flux cleaning can cause serious performance degradation, especially in high-precision DC circuits. For all manual assembly or modified PCB, be sure to use ultrasonic bath (or similar) to complete the final cleaning. After the air compressor is dried, the PCB can be cleaned with a slightly high temperature baking assembly and after washing, any residual moisture is removed. We usually bake for 10 minutes under 70 ° C.