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PCB board components five major layout requirements
- May 16, 2017 -

The layout of PCB components is reasonable to design the basic premise of high quality PCB drawings. The requirement of installing, force, heating, signal and aesthetics Five is mainly about the arrangement of components.

1, installation
In the case of a specific application, in order to smoothly install the circuit board into the chassis, casing, slot, no space interference, short-circuit accidents, and so that the designated plug-ins in the chassis or enclosure on the specified location, a series of basic requirements.

2, the Force
The PCB should be able to withstand the various external forces and vibrations that are subjected to installation and work. For this circuit board should have a reasonable shape, the plate on the various holes (screw holes, shaped holes) to be reasonable placement. The distance between the general holes and the plate edges is at least greater than the diameter of the hole. At the same time, attention should be paid to the weakest section of the plates caused by the irregular holes. On the board directly "stretched" out of the equipment shell connector in particular to reasonably fixed, to ensure long-term use of reliability.

3. Heated
For high-power, hot and serious devices, in addition to ensure the cooling conditions, but also pay attention to place in the appropriate position. Especially in sophisticated analog systems, we should pay extra attention to the adverse effects of the temperature field produced by these devices on the fragile front amplifier circuits. The general power of a very large part should be made into a single module, and the signal processing circuit to take a certain thermal isolation measures.

4, the Signal
Signal interference PCB layout design to consider the most important factor. Some of the most basic aspects are: weak signal circuit and strong signal circuit separate and even isolated; The AC part is separated from the DC part; The high frequency part is separated from the low frequency part; attention to the direction of signal line, the arrangement of ground wire, proper shielding and filtering.

5. Aesthetics
Not only to consider the placement of the components neatly ordered, but also to consider the graceful smooth line. Because the general layman sometimes emphasizes the former, to one-sided evaluation of the design of the circuit, for the sake of product image, the performance requirements are not harsh, priority should be given to the former. However, in high performance occasions, if you have to use two panels, and the circuit boards are packaged in the inside, usually invisible, should give priority to the beauty of the line.