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PCB Circuit board processing to guard Finger imprint
- May 16, 2017 -

PCB Circuit board processing in the process if not notice, will be careless with the finger to contact the circuit board, so easy to cause PCB board scrap, because the finger prints are sweat, ingredients are some inorganic salts and fats and so on, easy to cause the circuit board paralysis. Let's look at the dangers of finger printing.
1, the bare material touched board in a very short time to make its plate surface copper chemical reactions, resulting in copper oxidation. After a slightly longer time in electroplating, there is a clear fingerprint, uneven coating, in the appearance of products caused serious adverse.
2, solder mask before the naked hand plate will lead to solder resistance, resulting in the green oil adhesion to poor, will be in hot air foaming and peeling off.
3, the gold plate in the solder until after the packaging process, the bare hands touching the board will cause the plate surface is not clean and can cause undesirable solder, or bad state.
4, the wet film or silk screen printing line and the plate before the film surface with fingerprint grease, very easy to cause dry/wet film adhesion, in electroplating, lead to infiltration and plating separation, gold plate prone to plate surface pattern, in the completion of the production of solder mask to make the plate surface oxidation, the emergence of yin and yang color.