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2017 PCB Production Value Of Cross-Strait Taiwan Businesspeople Achieved A New High Of NT$619.2 Billion With YoY By +9.5%
- Mar 28, 2018 -

2017 PCB production value of Cross-Strait Taiwan businesspeople achieved a new high of NT$619.2 billion with YoY by +9.5%


Utechzone Co., Ltd. (UT) benefited from the strong demagogue panels and PCB industries so the legal persons will positively affect their performance in the future. The revenue of the company, which should increase by 30%~40% though the short-term gross profits of UT, is still uncertain due to the dramatic appreciation of the New Taiwan Dollar. With the increased revenue and the relatively decreasing expense growth, profits are still expected to have room to grow. Furthermore, UT has been positive about their panel AOI products, which are complementary to FAVITE INC., so they plan to have 35% of FAVITE INC. share acquisition at the top. While UT panel testing machines focus on cell and module manufacturing processes, FAVITE INC. is good at Array. Both parties are quite complementary to each other in terms of their product portfolios. Since the manufacturing process of Array closely resembles the manufacturing process of semiconductors, FAVITE INC. is reported to deliver some good results, which will help UT to step into semiconductor territory.

        UT is the leading company for automatic optical testing in the Greater China region. They provide many kinds of optical testing products, such as PCB/IC substrates, TFT-LCD and touch panels, etc. UT collected 80% of its sales revenue from panel-related testing equipment. Its primary market covers Taiwan, China, Japan, etc. The key customers of its PCB/IC testing equipment include Nan Ya PCB, Kinsus, ASE Group, and Foxconn, all of which are international enterprises. Benefitting from the COF manufacturing process, they have developed new customers that purchase IC packaging and testing and panel testing equipment, like Innolux, AUO, BOE, Tianma, CSOT, FPDisplay, Panda, and HKC. The collaboration between UT and FAVITE INC. not only meets this wave of industrial panel expansion but also speeds up the preparation and penetration into the semiconductor field. UT also believes the application of AOI is quite promising and has formed a team to further develop this category.

      Due to the positive influence of the increasing production demands of panel plants, UT’s orders have now accumulated to 3 billion. However, PCB equipment is usually requested in a short delivery period, unlike panel equipment, which has 5~6 months of lead time. The demands are still high; substrate, substrate-like, flexible PCB, and Smart AOI are all growth engines this year, even though they are only visible in the short term. What is worth paying attention to is the response to the newly developed manufacturing process of COF packaging and testing, where UT has penetrated the local IC packaging and testing supply chain. This change is expected to contribute to the company’s revenue this year. (Source: MoneyDJ News)


Source: PCB Shop

Last Updated: 2018/03/19