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ACCL, High-Tech: High-Frequency Cloud Brings January To Light
- Mar 06, 2018 -

ACCL, High-Tech: High-Frequency Cloud Brings January to Light


Allied Circuit (ACCL) and High-Tech’s January revenue was the highest in the past 80 months due to high-frequency clouds and servers.

High-Tech’s January revenue of NTD$ 187 million hit the highest in ten years and was the result of e-vehicle power supplies and last year’s expansion of productivity, achieving 16.13% monthly growth and 2.62% annual growth. The NTD$2.07 billion annual turnover has increased 4.74% each year, a new high over the past eight years.



With high-end server orders and PCBs for industrial computers, ACCL is looking toward continuous growth. The NTD$245 million revenue in January has increased 1.3% by month and 48.27% by year and represents 10 consecutive months of increasing revenue.


The NTD$2.398 billion annual revenue has brought ACCL to a historic high in the past two years, and is their first 2 billion NTD, an annual increase of 37.72%; Q4 of last year earned NTD$716 million and marked another historic high revenue in four consecutive quarters. Last year alone, the revenue increased 9.89% by quarter and 52.84% by year. ACCL created a net income of NTD$94.69 million in Q3 last year, which is the 2nd high in two quarters, with a 33.06% quarterly increase and a 191.96% annual increase. (Source: Commercial Times)


Source: PCB Shop

Last Updated: 2018/03/02