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Description Of Different Processing Process Of SMT
- May 16, 2017 -

In the patch processing has a variety of SMT technology, different processes, patches of the process also has a great difference, the following for you to collate the common processing of the SMT process is what.
A simple patch process is a single-sided assembly process. This process only needs to be done on one side, first, the incoming inspection, the second step is the silk screen solder paste, then the direct veneer, will be local drying, and then welding, and finally to clean, but also need further detection, if the detection is not qualified, then need further to find the reason for rework.

The other is a combination of double-sided processes, which may be more used in this process. The whole process is the first step of the incoming inspection, the second step is the PCB B-side operation, b-side patch, then further patches, then is curing, then is a surface operation, welding, cleaning and pirated. Relative to the double-sided mixing process, the whole process is relatively simple, the process for both sides need to mount.

Double-sided mixing process, this process requires both sides of the patch, the first step is the incoming inspection, this is so the process of processing technology, then the PCB b surface patch, b surface need to solidify, and then the flip plate, b surface process has been completed, the next is the PCB a surface plug-in, a surface wave soldering, cleaning, the last process is testing, if qualified direct packaging, if not qualified rework, in the whole process must pay attention to advance paste, and then rub, This process is generally applicable to some discrete components.