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LED Industry SMD Machine
- May 16, 2017 -

"LED SMD" project, breaking through the high-speed movement of precise positioning, multi-axis coordinated motion control, and automatic pickup correction, such as core key technologies, has entered the small trial stage.

Can meet the demand for the production of LED lighting industry, the application of the production of standard 600/1200mm LED fluorescent tubes (T8, T5), covering all led related products such as LED lights, hoses, patio lights and so on. At the same time SMT machine provides high elasticity programming ability, so that operators according to different bin value of the LED components to adjust the mounting mode to ensure that the end product of the light.

This machine is for different component characteristics, the use of material suction nozzle, wear-resistant high and with shrapnel design, reduce the mounting of the LED surface impact, can also be affixed to general RC or SOP electronic components, mounting components range for 0805~24*18mm, mount speed up to 8000CPH, is a with a cost-effective automatic mounter.

Through the research and development of the project, the scientific and technical personnel in the precision equipment design and manufacture, multi-axis collaborative control and system integration has accumulated valuable experience, for high-speed precision SMT machine research and Development laid the foundation.