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Material Safety Data Sheet Of Acid Resistant Circuit Ink
- Jan 08, 2018 -
Material    Safety  Data  Sheet
1. Material And Manufacturer's Information
Item Name: Acid Resistant Circuit Ink
Item Number: TTSR-1003
Supplier: Terrene Trading Ltd.
Address: 2F, Building 4, Xinxintian Industrial   Park, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.
Cell: +86-18823363695
Fax +86-0755-27781460
2. Component    Identification  Data
Mixture: rosin resin, color powder, silica, barium sulfate, talcum   powder, solvent
Chemical Property
An English name among the harmful substancesCASNOA   range of concentration or concentration.Classification   and schema of hazardous substances
Percentage of components
Rosin Resinnothing35wt%This   substance is not a harmful substance so there is no CAS classification
SiO214808-60-710wt%Ninth types
Anti White   Water203-905-08wt%
Four Toluene95-93-220wt%
3. Hazard    Identification  Data
The Most Important harm and effectHealth   Hazard BenefitInhalation: steam stimulates the respiratory   tract, causing vomiting and inorexia
    Touch: cause a slight irritation, eye: cause a slight irritation
Environmental Effect
Physical and chemical hazardsGenerally, it is stable, but heat or impact is   flammable and explosive
Special HarmThe combustion will break down CO, CO2, NO2,   SO2, (CH3) 2NH, PHNH2 and other harmful substances
Main SymptomsInhalation of steam causes respiratory pain,   vomiting, and contact can damage the eyes, cause dermatitis and damage the   liver and kidney when serious.
Classification Of harm of goods3 (flammable liquid)
4. first   Aid   Measures
One Of the ways of first aid is exposed to   different exposuresInhalationThe patient should be moved to the fresh air,   the breathing is stopped, and the trained personnel should be given the   artificial respiration immediately.
Skin ContactWash with water and soap
Eye ContactOpen the eyelid immediately and rinse the   contaminated eyes for more than 15 minutes with a large amount of water
IngestionImmediate contact with the local organic   toxicosis control center or detoxification expert
Most Important Symptoms and urgent needs
For The protection of personnel.Wear protective gloves to avoid exposure to   contaminants
A Hint of a doctorIf eating, given gastric lavage
5. Fire     Extinguishing   Measures
Suitable Extinguishing MediaChemical dry powder, carbon dioxide, spray   foam, or alcohol resistant fire extinguishing agent
DiazepamIn general, it is stable.
Special Protective Device for fire fightersWear a fire jacket equipped with automatic   respiratory system equipment
6. Leakage    Treatment  Method
Personal AttentionWear special protective gloves for chemical   protection, antivirus mask and special goggles
Environmental ConsiderationsProvide appropriate ventilation, remove heat   source, avoid inflow into sewer or other closed space
Cleaning MethodUse sand, soil, or other inert substances to   plug the leaks
7. Methods Of Safe Disposal And Storage
ManagementWaste to the designated incineration,   incineration, or in accordance with the relevant regulations of the local   government
StorageThe cool and ventilated place, away from the   heat source, the forbidden area
8. Exposure    Prevention  Measures
Engineering control
ControlAverage permissible concentration / short time   mean permissible concentration / maximum permissible concentration for eight   hours daily time
ParameterBiological   Index****
Respiratory   ProtectionOrganic vapour filter, or filter tank,   respirator
Hand ProtectionGeneral rubber gloves
Skin And Body protectionWear special chemical protective clothing
Eye ProtectionChemical safety spatter goggles, eye washing   equipment
Health   MeasuresSmoking or diet is strictly prohibited in the   workplace
9. Material And Chemical Properties
State Of MatterPasteShapeSticky   paste.

Boiling   Point RangeBoiling   point 200
Flicker Point100Test   MethodOpen   a cup  Closed cup
Spontaneous Combustion Temperature366Boundary   Of Explosion2.0-12%
Vapour pressure2.26PAVapor   Density1.11
The Special Envoy May React To This HarmViolent impact or heat easy to explode
The Situation That Should Be AvoidedAvoid storage at high temperature places or   sunlight and ultraviolet light
Decomposable Objects to be avoidedOxidant, strong acid, strong alkali metal,   reducing agent, etc.
Harmful Decomposernothing
11.Toxic    Data
Acute ToxicityInhalation of vapour causes difficulty in   breathing or stopping breathing
Local EffectPersistent headache, contact caused by   dermatitis, erythema, etc
Induced SensitivitySkin pruritus and allergic dermatitis
Slow Or Long-term ToxicityDamage of the liver and kidney function of the   body
Special Effect
12. Ecological   Data
Possibility Of environmental impact / moveLong term animals in this environment may   affect life reproduction
13. Discarded     Disposal   Methods
Discarded Disposal MethodBurial of incineration safety and health,   handled in accordance with current laws and regulations
14. Transportation    Of  Information
International   Shipping Regulations***
United   Nations NumberUN1210
Domestic   Shipping RegulationsEighty-fourth rules in accordance with the road   traffic safety rules
Special Transportation Methods And Matters Of AttentionTransport of special containers, avoidance of   heat, impact
15. Legal   Information
Applicable Laws And RegulationsRules of road traffic, hazardous materials and   general rules of harmful substances
16. Other   Information
Tabulating UnitNameTerrene Trading Ltd.
Address2F, Building 4, Xinxintian Industrial Park,   Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.
Tabulating PersonTitleMarketing Manager
Name (Signature)Jo Wan
Date Of TabulationJanuary   6th 2018

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