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PCB A-Team Was Formed To Introduce Smart Plants
- Jan 18, 2018 -

     According to Advantech, the PCB industry will be the first to introduce the smart plant solution through the Smart Innovation Service Project launched by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, which will accelerate the formation of the A-Team.

     In addition to Advantech, the PCB A-Team consists of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry, Digiwin Software, Unimicron, Chin Poon, Unitech, and Symtek Automation.

     Advantech Chairman Liu, Ke-Chen indicated that the smart manufacturing platform promoted by the Industrial Development Bureau is consistent with its recently proposed sharing economy and cross-border integration in the IoT era. Advantech has actively worked with its partners to apply for the industrial upgrade and innovation platform counseling program of the Industrial Development Bureau in the hopes of building a complete industrial chain, introducing smart manufacturing with technical partners, and further creating various Industry 4.0 models.

     Liu, Ke-Chen pointed out that with teamwork, the project is expected to develop large-scale system integration and service companies with considerable prospects, leading to industrial upgrades through smart manufacturing in Taiwan.

     Advantech indicated that the PCB A-Team has been granted NT$100 million by the Industrial Development Bureau for the two-year industrial upgrade project, which aims to develop a smart and IoT-based manufacturing platform for sharing key technologies and solutions with the support of IT and OT, as well as establish a derived co-founded company that develops the advantages of the PCB industry in Taiwan.