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PCB Circuit Boards How To Distinguish Their Quality?
- May 16, 2017 -

With the mobile phone, electronics, communications industry, such as high-speed development, but also prompted the PCB industry volume of the growing and rapid growth, people for the number of components, weight, precision, materials, color, reliability and more demanding.

But because of the fierce market price competition, PCB board material costs are also in the rising trend, more and more manufacturers in order to enhance the core competitiveness, at low prices to monopolize the market. But behind these ultra-low prices, is to reduce material costs and process production costs to obtain, but the device is usually prone to cracks (cracks), easy scratches, (or abrasions), its precision, performance and other synthetic factors are not standard, severely affected the use of the product solderability and reliability and so on.

The face of a variety of PCB circuit board, to distinguish the PCB board can be good or bad from two aspects of the start; The first method is to judge from the appearance, on the other hand is from the PCB board itself quality specifications to judge.

Determine the good or bad PCB circuit board method:
First: From the appearance of the circuit board to distinguish the good or bad
In general, the appearance of PCB board can be analyzed and judged by three aspects;
1, light and color.
External circuit boards have ink covering, circuit boards can play the role of insulation, if the color of the plate is not bright, less ink, insulation board itself is not good.
2, size and thickness of the standard rules.
PCB to the standard circuit board thickness is different sizes, customers can measure the inspection according to their own product thickness and specifications.
3, weld appearance.
circuit board due to more parts, if the welding is not good, parts easy to fall off the circuit board, seriously affect the circuit board welding quality, look good, carefully identified, the interface is very important.

Second: high-quality PCB board need to meet the following requirements
1, the copper surface is not easy to oxidize, the impact of installation speed, oxidation after a long break;
2, the requirements of the installation of components to be useful after the telephone, that is, electrical connections to meet the requirements;
3, the high temperature copper skin is not easy to fall off;
4, line width, line thickness, line distance to meet the requirements, lest line fever, circuit, and short-circuit;
5, no additional electromagnetic radiation;
6, and the high temperature, high humidity and special environment should be considered within the scope;
7, the shape is not deformed, in order to avoid the installation of the casing deformation, screw holes dislocation. Now is mechanized installation, circuit board Kong Weihe Line and Design distortion error should be within the allowable range;
8, the surface mechanical properties to meet the installation requirements;

Above is the PCB board to judge good or bad method, in the purchase of PCB circuit board, must be eyes.