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PCB Manufacturers Expect To Grow Until Q118 Thanks To New Apple Models
- Jan 06, 2018 -

     PCB manufacturers enjoyed increasing growth, significantly due to the hot sale of the new Apple models. Unitech and Career Technology showed a turn toward a profit from a loss. With the recent arrival of new US clients, revenue is expected to peak in the 4th quarter. Due to the delayed shipment of the iPhone X, the recent arrival of new PCB manufacturers is expected to last until Q118.

        With considerable pre-orders of the iPhone X, Career Technology received orders transferred by Apple from Murata, due to its poor antenna yield and showed a turn from loss to profit in September, with a profit of NT$90.6 million. Career Technology’s antenna flexible boards are estimated to sell in December and achieve a growth in revenue of 27% in the 4th quarter, compared to the 3rd quarter, until Q118.

        With the strong need for new Apple models, Unitech received full orders in addition to orders from Apple for high-level boards due to extremely high needs. Unitech indicated that their availability is full due to high client needs in the 4th quarter; in particular, rigid-flex boards reported the strongest growth. Unitech’s availability remains the highest, driving the increase in revenue and profit, where the contribution of automotive products has improved. With an improved product portfolio, Unitech has a chance to show a turn from a loss to a profit this year and expects significant growth in 2018.

        As Zhen Ding Tech. achieved a better yield of substrate-like PCBs (SLP) than expected, foreign investors intended to buy with an increased target price. Foreign US investors estimated that Zhen Ding Tech. revenue will increase by 15% in the 4th quarter and hit a record high in terms of annual revenue. Supported by new Apple model business, performance in Q118 remains strong.