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Prismark: ZDT Became The Global Leading PCB Company Of 2017
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Prismark: ZDT became the global leading PCB company of 2017


The well-known market research institute, Prismark, has just published its most updated 2017 report ranking the world’s top 40 PCB companies, in which ZDT has replaced the Japanese company, Mektec, as the global number one for the the first time.

This report was calculated in US dollars, and ZDT won the top spot with US$3,588 million in revenue, while Mektec followed with US$3,323 million, making ZDT the new market leader of all PCB plants. Taiwan businesspeople companies like Unimicron, Compeq, and Tripod were ranked 4th to 6th.

        Although Taiwan businesspeople were influenced by the increasing exchange rate of the New Taiwan Dollar to US dollars last year, ZDT earned NT$108.8 billion of revenue and led Taiwanese PCB plants to hit one billion in annual revenue.

      While Apple products sold well last year and raised some murmurs, the PCB supply chain could still perform well. Of Prismark’s global top 40 companies, the first 10 were almost all from the Apple supply chain. Flexible PCB plants were supported by the module assembly process and earned much more than traditional PCB plants, like ZDT and Mektec FPC plants, which were the 「only two」 companies with more than US$3,000 million in revenue.

            The Apple PCB supply chain usually hits a high point in the 4th quarter but actually showed decline in December 2017. However, ZDT hit a new high last December with four consecutive months of growth. The company has established a new milestone and has stepped up in the rank of Taiwan businesspeople PCB plants with billions in annual revenue. (Source: Commercial Times)


Source: PCB Shop

Last Updated: 2018/03/19