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Process Optimization And Improvement Of SMT High Quality Production
- May 16, 2017 -

According to statistics, SMT quality problem 11% is caused by the design, 27 is caused by the process, 31% is caused by process materials, 31% is caused by process control. Thus, manufacturability design (DFM), process optimization, Process Control, supply chain management (procurement, management of process materials) is very important to achieve high quality.

Optimization and improvement of SMT process
Process optimization and improvement are the process management. Process optimization and improvement of the content of the design, process modulation, setting process monitoring, process improvement. The essence of process optimization and improvement is the PDCA cycle method, which is the process of suspicion → measurement → improvement → re-measurement → re-improvement.
PDCA is the most important continuous improvement, and endless. PDCA is not only to formulate corrective and preventive measures, but also to improve from technical progress and lower cost. Therefore, the process optimization and improvement not only bring the production efficiency and quality, but also bring the technological technology level continuously.
Plan – see what issues need to be improved, itemized, and identify problems that need to be improved and resolved;

Implementation (do) – action in accordance with established plan;
Inspection (check)-Check the results of the execution plan to see if the actual results coincide with the original objectives;
Improve (or act action) — solve the problem in time;
Continuous Improvement (Improvement)-continue to improve and provide information for the next PDCA;
Improvements in process optimization are required:
1, the assembly mode and process flow should be carried out according to DFM regulations;
2, require the craft personnel to understand the equipment characteristics, functions, grasp the operation technology;
3, the process improvement is including the design of the whole process integration processing and improvement;
4, to optimize the manufacturing capacity to make an assessment, and initially determine the monitoring method;
In general, the first design may not be able to optimize all the parameters of the process, so the need for fine-tuning correction. For example, the patch program, printing parameters, temperature curves, and so on, especially the temperature curve modulation, may need to improve several times.