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Relevant Standards For SMT Industry
- May 16, 2017 -

Wave soldering machine
Flux Coating Equipment

Manual Visual High Precision SMT
1, adjust the operation of flexible equipment, joints intact, no leakage;
2. Coating device

Foaming form: Foaming effect of 80% evenly, forming bubbles about 0.5~1.5mm size (visual);

Drum Splash Type: drum rotation evenly smooth no noise, no blockage of the wall, no centralized damage, no blockage of gas nozzle;

Spray type: Nozzle no blockage, mobile scanning is normal;

3, the accompanying flux liquid surface is clear, no blockage.

The preset heater does not damage, the temperature regulating controller is working properly.

Solder Groove
1, solder groove temperature adjustment in line with the equipment specifications;
2, solder crest height adjustment sensitive, maintain stability. The pump body operates smoothly, without noise;

Other parts
1, adjustable rails adjustable freely, and keep parallel. Adjusting width conforms to the equipment instruction manual;
2, the transmission chain is smooth and normal, the speed adjustment conforms to the equipment instruction manual, and the precision control is within ± 0.1m/cent;
3, the electrical appliance complete, the pipeline arranges orderly, the performance is sensitive and reliable. instrument, instrument appearance intact, indicating accurate, reading eye-catching, in the qualifying period of use;
4, the panel operation and display normal, the operation handle button is flexible and reliable, the computer control system works normally;
5, the equipment and outside the regular maintenance, no yellow robe, no grease.

Reflow Furnace
1. Temperature control range in line with the specification, control accuracy ± 2 ℃ within.
Manual High Precision SMT Machine
2. The speed control conforms to the specification, the precision control is within ± 0.2m/min;
3. Substrate movement transverse temperature difference (≤ 150mm spacing) within ± 10 ℃;
4. The heater has a complete appearance and reliable electrical connection. Hot air blower operates smoothly, without noise;
5. The rails are freely adjustable and keep parallel. The effective width of transmitting substrate conforms to the specification.
6. Operating system is normal, instrumentation, instrumentation appearance intact, accurate indication, reading eye-catching, in the qualifying period of use;
7. Electrical appliance complete, pipeline arranged orderly, performance sensitive and reliable
8. internal and external equipment maintenance, no yellow robe, no grease.

Analysis and solution of the main cause of the chip-sticking machine throwing material, the efficiency improves the main cause of the chip-mounter throwing material

In the SMT production process, how to control the production cost, improve production efficiency, is the enterprise bosses and engineers are very concerned about the matter, and these keep abreast chip machine throwing rate has a lot of contact, the following talk about the problem of the chip mounter. The so-called parabolic refers to the SMT machine in the production of the species, after absorbing material not affixed, but to throw the material into the box or elsewhere, or not to absorb the material and perform a parabolic action above. The material loss caused by throwing, extending the production time, lowering the production efficiency, raising the production cost, in order to optimize the production efficiency and reduce the cost, the problem of high throwing rate must be solved.

Main causes and countermeasures of throwing material:

Reason 1: suction nozzle problem, suction nozzle deformation, blockage, damage caused by insufficient air pressure, leakage, causing the absorption of materials, picking is not positive, the identification of the material but parabolic. Countermeasures: Clean and replace suction nozzle;

Reason 2: Identification system problems, visual or laser lens is not clean, there is debris interference recognition, identification of the light source selection improper and intensity, gray enough, and may identify the system is bad. Countermeasures: Clean wipe recognition system surface, keep clean and no debris stain, adjust the intensity of light, gray level, replace the identification system components;

Reason 3: Position problem, the material is not the center of the material, the height of the material is not correct (generally encountered in the parts after the compression of 0.05MM), and caused the bias, the feeding is not positive, there is offset, identification with corresponding data parameters inconsistent with the recognized system as invalid material abandoned. Countermeasure: adjust the feeding position;

Reason 4: Vacuum problem, insufficient air pressure, the vacuum trachea channel is not smooth, has the guide plugging the vacuum passage, or the vacuum has the leakage causes the pressure insufficiency and takes the material not to start or picked up after the post on the way dropped. Countermeasure: Adjust the pressure steep slope to the equipment requirements pressure value (such as 0.5~~0.6Mpa--YAMAHA SMD machine), clean air pipes, repair leakage gas road;

Reason 5: Program problems, the edited program in the component parameter settings are incorrect, with incoming material size, brightness and other parameters are not inconsistent with the recognition but is discarded. Countermeasures: Modifying component parameters, searching for optimum parameters setting;

Reason 6: Incoming problems, incoming irregular, for the pin oxidation and other unqualified products. Countermeasures: IQC Do the incoming inspection, contact with the component suppliers;

Reason 7: Feeder problem, feeder position distortion, feeder feeding bad (feeder spine gear damaged, the material with holes no card in the feeder of the spine gear, the feeder under the foreign body, the spring aging, or electrical bad), resulting in the material not to get or take bad material, and the feeder damage. Countermeasures: Feeder adjustment, cleaning feeder platform, replacement of damaged parts or feeder; There are parabolic phenomena to be solved, you can first ask the on-site personnel, by describing, and then according to the observation and analysis directly to find the problem, so that more effective to find out the problem, to solve, while improving production efficiency, not too much Occupy machine production time.
Testing equipment
AOI (Optical inspection machine), X-Ray detector, on-line tester (ICT), flying needle tester, etc.