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Revenue Of Non-Apple PCB Manufacturer Tripod Hit A Record High In November
- Jan 06, 2018 -

     Tripod Technology Corporation (Tripod), a PCB manufacturer, reported revenue of NT$4,331 million in November, a monthly record high, reaching NT$4 billion for four consecutive months, with a monthly growth of 4.2% and an annual growth of 12.3%. The accumulated revenue as of November was NT$41.708 billion with an annual growth of 4.6%. With continuous growth in Q3, revenue in Q4 is expected to reach a record high.


      Among PCB suppliers for Apple, the revenues of Unitech, Compeq, Flexium, and ZDT have hit record highs in November. Although not a supplier for Apple, Tripod reported revenue of NT$4,331 million in November, due to the capacity of Xiantao Plant in Hubei. Revenue in Q4, as well as throughout the year, is expected to reach record highs over NT$12.301 billion.


     Tripod reported revenue of NT$12.301 billion in Q3, with a net profit after tax of NT$1.306 billion, the second highest in history. With the increase in orders and smooth shipments, Tripod has estimated revenue to be NT$12.4 billion or more in Q4. The estimated revenue of NT$12.4 billion will report a year-on-year growth of 10% and exceed NT$12.301 billion in Q3. Tripod’s revenue hit a record high in both September and Q3. As of Q317, the accumulated net profit after tax was NT$3.249 billion with an annual growth of 38.8%. With the continuous increase in clients’ demands, Tripod expects a record high in Q4 in terms of revenue, reaching a year-on-year growth of 10% or more and a total revenue of NT$46.3 billion throughout 2017.


     Tripod’s main scope of PCB applications includes memory modules, drives, notebooks, photoelectric boards, smart phones, servers, and automotive boards. Tripod is also the PCB supplier for Xiaomi smart phones. The Xiantao Plant in Hubei expects to reach a new capacity of 600,000 feet/month in Q4. The total capacity of Xiantao Plant has reached 1.8 million square feet/month; the overall capacity of Tripod has reached 9 million square feet/month. According to Tripod’s executives, the Xiantao Plant will also invest in the production of automotive boards.