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Schematic Design Step Of PCB Design
- May 16, 2017 -

Generally speaking, circuit board design enters the SCH design environment, after the following several steps to calculate the completion schematic design:

The size of drawings used to set up the schematic diagram
Preferably at the beginning of the design to determine how much drawings to use. Although you can change the size and properties of drawings during the design process, good habits will benefit from the future design process.

II. Making schematic symbols not in the component library
Since many components are not included in the Protel99, the user is required to draw the schematic symbols of these components themselves, and eventually apply them to the process of plotting the schematic diagram.

Third, the circuit diagram of the components to conceive
Before placing the components, you need to approximate the position and distribution of the components, and if you ignore this step, sometimes it will cause unexpected difficulties in the back work!

IV. Component Layouts
This is the most critical step in drawing the schematic diagram. Although in the simple circuit diagram, even if not too concerned with the layout of components, and ultimately can be successfully automated or manual wiring, but in the design of a more complex circuit diagram, the rationality of the layout of the components will directly affect the schematic drawing efficiency and the drawing of the schematic appearance.

V. Electrical connection to the drawings in the schematic diagram
The lines mentioned here can be wires, contacts or buses and their branches. Of course, in the larger system design, the schematic diagram of the line is not much, more time is the use of network marking in lieu of direct line connection. This ensures the electrical connection of the circuit and avoids the clutter of the entire schematic.

VI. Placing annotations
This can make the circuit diagram more at a glance, enhance readability. At the same time, it is also a qualified PCB circuit designers must have one of the qualities.