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Selection Of Four Main Points For Engraving Machine PCB Board
- May 16, 2017 -

To buy circuit board engraving machine, in addition to hardware indicators, should be more attention is the core of the machines-software parts. Be sure to understand whether the software part of the manufacturer meets the requirements.

First, the largest PCB size, marked by the largest PCB can be made, it is limited by the size and rigidity of the hardware. General machine Design, consider the one hand circuit board area rarely do very large, in addition too large format will also make the hardware distortion, so mostly in the 300mm square. Most of the platforms bearing boards use cast iron or aluminium as a whole to ensure strength and rigidity.

Second, the smallest diameter and line spacing is an important indicator of machine precision, which embodies the positioning ability and accuracy of the tip. Most people here have a misunderstanding, only to see the smallest diameter of the role, but ignore the minimum line distance, in fact, the minimum line is the level of the machine. The smallest diameter is determined by the positioning of the tip. Even if the tip is biased, it can be patched at the value of the cutter selection. and the smallest line is not to conceal, even if only 0.1mm wide tip, in the exercise control is not good coupled with bias, will make the tool passes through the traces of the wide, two very close to all line breaks. In the purchase of the time can also through this aspect of the indicator, understand the product control and assembly level.

Thirdly, the maximum working speed is the speed of the x and Y axes. In fact, the circuit board engraving process, the circuit board engraving machine Speed is very low, so why should emphasize this indicator? On the one hand high speed represents the driving power of the motor, that is to allow it to move quickly, can also let it stop quickly, on the other hand also represents the assembly orbit, screw and other parallel relations good, damping small, will not affect the accuracy.

Fourth, the high-speed operation of the spindle, driving tools such as sharp knife cut melon, milling the line is beautiful and tidy, good effect. But the high speed also sacrificed the life of the motor, the same motor in the calibration speed range, speed up to 1 time times, life is also reduced by half, so not the higher the speed of the better, but to achieve an ideal value.