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Taiwan PCB Industry New Opportunities
- Jan 20, 2018 -

     Recently with the sichuan science and technology, to treasure Wallace, Asia PCB industry, such as electric material stock, total output value of currently high on the world's first printed circuit board (PCB) industry is over 80 listed, cabinets, are among the best in current Taiwan listed number of many in the industry, it showed Taiwan PCB industry after more than 40 years development has appeared proud achievement, expected with the industry constantly efforts, hundreds of listed optimistic outlook.

     Global economic sentiment taste of Europe's debt the United States, such as the Wall Street storm, alarming picture, plus the market panic expectations and lead to poor sales of electronic products, Taiwan's export-oriented circuit board industry is inevitably affected by the chain effect, slipping phenomena appear order quantity. Current, chairman of the association of Taiwan PCB (TPCA) Chen Zhengxiong pointed out that Taiwan PCB industry during the development of more than 40 years, the occurrence of countless challenges, such as the overseas investment of nearly 10 years industry supply and demand imbalance, SARS crisis in 2003, 2009 financial storm, most manufacturers can survive, in addition to the solid foundation as a backing, PingShi by another is keen sense of smell and fast strain ability, make the industry can be abundant and climbed to a global output value of the first in the face of various challenges.

     Chen Zhengxiong pointed out that the global rise in recent years a piece of green energy saving carbon reduction agitation, Taiwan PCB industry is also sniffing around green business opportunities, invest diversification different industry actively, such as the development of LED application products, extends the solar cell industry, electric/battery, strengthen product carbon footprint and carbon to see if they can apply for carbon volume label, strengthen the green design technology, clean production development of PCB technology and energy saving products, etc. Chen Zhengxiong, said in a pivotal moment in the emerging industry development, TPCA can gather global green information, and actively promote low carbon issues seminars, low carbon expo, planning of low carbon education take root downward, and set up the energy conservation and carbon reduction innovation research award, and planning of LED base plate capacity of thermal conductivity measurement criteria such as plans to assist companies in addition to master the green emerging industry trends, more actively enhance competitiveness, to do this in the near future will open with the ministry of economic affairs industry promote the green label factory, strive for PCB industry transformation and upgrading, to master the global green business opportunities. Chen Zhengxiong said that throughout the PCB industry has been growing green can create opportunities in the field of manufacturers including several plate factory into the solar cell module, the heat conducting substrate development and production, supplier has also dabbled in solar cells, LED synchronous process equipment and materials, the visible sign of the growing green business opportunities to the PCB industry.

     Chen, chairman of the special emphasis on TPCA will actively cooperate with the ministry of the interior and the ministry of economic affairs industry to promote green label factory project, along with the green label factory can increase the rate of downstream manufacturers purchase, at the same time can create more business opportunities abroad, for the whole PCB industry is ready for advanced weapons can only global green business opportunities pass.

     The certification for the industry will adopt three stage target, early (June - December), construct database and compiling survey report, this year TPCA SHOW SHOW the survey results and published report, target for 3 to 12 months next year in order (depending on the industry project schedule required), will develop PCB clean production index, invite system manufacturers to join at the same time, the ultimate goal is temporarily set at 2013, the association and become one of the assessment or counselling unit system manufacturers, dedicated circuit board industry clean production certification.