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Unitech Moves Towards Growth Thanks To Its Development Of Rigid-flex Boards And Automotive Boards
- Jan 06, 2018 -

    Unitech, a PCB manufacturer, enjoyed an annual growth in revenue of 37% as of October 2017. With the support of new American models and the high demand for automotive boards, revenue in Q4 is expected to hit a record high. As shipments of rigid-flex boards increased significantly due to new American models, the momentum for growth is expected to continue until next year. Automotive boards have been applied to reversing radars and have gradually become a standard feature in automobiles. With an early entrance into the market, Unitech has become the major supplier of automotive radar boards. With stable growth in each aspect, Unitech expects to remove the risk of fluctuations and maintain a stable growth next year. 


     In terms of Unitech’s market structure, smart devices, automobiles, others (including POS and wearable devices), and NB/Tablet accounted for 50%, 30%, 10%, and 10% respectively. In terms of products, traditional boards, HDI, any layer, rigid-flex boards, and high-frequency boards accounted for 12%, 30%, 15%, 30%, and 13% respectively. As of October 2017, Unitech’s revenue has grown by 37%, of which rigid-flex boards and automotive boards contribute most. In terms of operations, due to the shipments of new American models and the increased activation of rigid-flex boards for battery modules of new models, Unitech achieved a significant 18% gross profit margin increase in Q3.


    Looking at Q4, iPhone X sells in Q4 with a strong sales momentum with the demands for rigid-flex boards and automotive boards remaining high. The delivery schedule in Q4 is very tight. Revenue in November is expected to grow and peak in Q4 and due to the late sales of iPhone X, the sales momentum is expected to extend into next year. In the past Unitech suffered from large fluctuations between high and low seasons and even losses in low seasons. This situation could be improved next year and Unitech expects to maintain stable growth throughout the year.


    In terms of rigid-flex boards, as smart devices become thinner and lighter, the change in design has led to an increasing demand for rigid-flex boards. This is the main momentum for growth. With the successful application to new American models, Unitech expects the momentum to continue. In terms of automotive boards, after years of development and validation, Unitech has developed high-frequency boards with high barriers of entry which are applied to automotive radar boards and camera boards in the autopilot system. Currently, Unitech is the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive radar boards and continues to gain new clients. In the future, the market share of automotive boards is expected to grow continuously; HDI is applied to notebooks and tablets, with a stable growth.


    Unitech currently has its production bases set up in Toucheng, Yilan, and Shanghai Zhanhua. The Toucheng Plant specializes in the production of HDI, automotive boards, and rigid-flex boards; the Yilan Plant specializes in the production of HDI; and Shanghai Zhanhua specializes in production of automotive boards, HDI, and rigid-flex boards. This year, the capital expenditure of Unitech was approximately NT$2 billion as Unitech expanded production in Taiwan and China. Next year, Unitech will continue to expand the production of HDI in the Yilan Plant. Shanghai Zhanhua will move to Nantong per the government’s request. The environmental assessment is currently being performed. New, highly automated equipment will be introduced after the relocation to increase competitiveness and make room for expansion.