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Vehicle-use PCB Is Found With Great Potential Apex And Unitech Snatch The Preemptive Opportunity
- Jan 05, 2019 -

Vehicle-use PCB is found with great potential Apex and Unitech snatch the preemptive opportunity


Source: PCB Shop
Last updated: 2018/12/17



       In addition to the progression from traditional mechanical cars to electronic ones, the concepts of new-energy vehicles, self-driving vehicles, and the Internet of vehicles are gradually emerging. Therefore, the number of PCBs to be installed in the future will only increase. According to the IEK report by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the output of automotive electronics in Taiwan this year is expected to reach NT$200.2 billion, while global sales of electric vehicles is likely to exceed 3.7 million, with an expected growth rate of more than 15% annually in the future. Among such electric vehicles, hybrids will become the mainstream line of sales. Viewing such an enormous business opportunity in the future, many PCB manufacturers are rushing to actively deploy themselves into related fields and are expected to offer the market real-time supply at the point when the market is about to come out with explosive demands.        Apex has indicated that, after suffering considerable failure costs on auto boards, it has not only successfully reduced manufacturing costs and enhanced quality, but also subsequently received orders due to that enhanced quality. Together with the interference of instability from the overall environment, these factors have rendered to increased production needs in Southeast Asia, and thus inquiries as well.        Apex is expected to start a five-year expansion plan of NT$4 billion next year and will first invest NT$600 million next year on items that include equipment replacement, automation, and establishment of laboratories, with a focus on high-end boards and vehicle boards to carry out R&D. The new plants will start construction in the first quarter of next year, with an expected contribution of revenue the year after next. When all of the new plants are ready to be put into production, they are estimated to bring in an annual revenue of 5 billion Thai Baht.        Unitech has benefited from the steady growth of the vehicle sector, which leads to better revenue than that of the same period last year. According to company data, products related to vehicle boards currently account for 30% of its total revenue. Regarding its strategies, it should continue to optimize the combination of product lines to improve benefits, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), HDI for smart cars, and thick copper plates widely used on electric vehicles. It will continue to introduce new customers into this field, adding a lot of growth momentum for next year.        

Dynamic Electronics has been involved in the production of automotive boards since 2001, while the company has extended into areas that are rather far and wide. Therefore, its order visibility can be anticipated for the upcoming year. At present, high-frequency antenna boards of automotive radars are gradually expanded with monthly output, while major US clients of consumption are ready to place their orders, injecting much momentum for growth next year.