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PCB Print Water Transfer Film

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Product name: Water Film
Material: PU/PVC/flock/metallic/glitter
Type: Capillex film
Usage: Screen printing
Feature: Water Soluble
Hardness: Rigid
Transparency: Opaque

We provide variety PCB/SMT consumptive materials, please feel free to contact us for more detail specifications. We can help to arrange and search related products based on customers' requests.

Capillex 18:
The wide processing latitude of Capillex 18 makes this product ideal for fine line and halftone printing with solvent based or conventional UV inks.
The high resolution and superb definition ensures that excellent print quality is achieved every time, whatever the run length. Perfectly matched for fine mesh counts, Capillex 18 is the industry choice for quality printing.
Mesh range: 120 - 150/cm (305 - 380/inch)
Ceramics, Graphics, Self Adhesive Decals, Industrial marking

Capillex 25:
Capillex 25 is the perfect choice for many quality screen printing applications that use medium/fine mesh.
Capillex 25 is established as one of the world's most popular capillary films as it provides reliable quality time and time again. Suitable for use with all solvent and UV inks.
Mesh range: 80 - 120/cm (200 - 305/inch).
Printed Circuit Boards, Electronics, Membrane Touch Switches, Industrial marking


Capillex 35:
A green/blue general purpose Capillex film for medium/coarse mesh counts.
Formulated for use on medium/coarse mesh counts, Capillex 35 gives excellent print definition and durability making it perfect for many demanding industrial printing applications.
Mesh range: 40 - 100/cm (100 - 250/inch)
PCB, Ceramics, industrial marking            

Capillex 50:
A blue/green, thick film Capillex for demanding industrial Screen Printing. Capillex 50 is the quickest way to produce high quality stencils on coarse mesh counts.
Multi-coating a direct emulsion takes significantly longer than the simple application of Capillex 50 to the screen. The solvent resistant stencils are extremely tough making them perfect for many demanding industrial applications.
Mesh range: 40 - 80/cm (100 - 150/inch)
Printed Circuit Boards


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