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High Quality Cheap Blue White/ White/ Green Glossy LED Heat Ink for PCB Screen Printing Ink for Sale

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High Quality Cheap Blue White / White / Green Glossy Led Heat Ink For PCB Screen Printing Ink For Sale

Product name: Led Heat Ink
Tinting Strength: 100(%)
Fineness: 10 (um)
Viscosity: 10 (S)
Fluidity: 10 (mm)
Color: Multicolor
Application: Silk Screen Printing

Led heat ink in English is PLASTISOL, also known as plastic ink and oil glue. It is a non-solvent ink.
Appearance and composition:
Appearance: paste
Ingredients: resin (no solvent, water), color, other additives, 100% solid content
Properties: it has a thixotropy, it is thicker when placed, it will be thinner, summer is thinner, and winter is the opposite.


Suitable for manual printing and mechanical printing, we can print special products such as colorimetric, flat, three-dimensional right Angle, rounded Angle, stone and bark effect. The thermosetting ink will not be dry at room temperature and will be heated to 1500c-1800c for 1 to 3 minutes to solidify the ink completely! After plasticizing, it has a strong moisture level above 5 level and above 4 levels.

2, the heat is a process, is determined by the temperature and time of two factors, high temperature short time, low temperature required for a long time, but can't temperature below 1500 c. Usually in order to improve the efficiency of shipment, the temperature choice is 1650C ~ 1800C. The simple way to detect the solidification of the ink is that the resulting ink is elastic, and the surface can not be scraped and scraped. Otherwise, the temperature of plasticization is not enough, and the temperature and time of plasticization need to be improved.

Adhesive bead craft: the round Angle transparent thermosetting ink is suitable for adhesion plastic beads. The adhesion fastness is wet wash, dry wipe can reach the above 4 levels. (washing machine 45 degrees for 10 hours straight!) Apply the rounded corners to the cloth while wet with plastic beads, 160 degrees drying or pressing the press 150 ~ 160 degrees for 8 ~ 15 seconds.

Scope of application:
Thermosetting ink (PLASTISOL) is suitable for 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blended yarn, polyester, shade cloth, denim and other fabrics, fabrics meet the following two points are available: 1, the ability of 1500 c ~ 1800 c; Air permeability, which allows the ink to penetrate. Unsuitable materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and waterproof nylon cloth.
Failure and exclusion:
First, the possibility of a weak degree of strength:
1, no hot solid ink is thoroughly baked
Guideline: increase the baking temperature or extend the baking time.
2, cloth, wool much
Guide: printed first plate hard 4 ~ 6 knife (choose hard knife ideal), or to the appropriate ink dilute some play one or two times with a relatively thick ink printing surface.
Add solvents to the ink
Guide: if ink solvent to join classes in thinner, ink layer surface has formed after baking, but can appear powder, ink layer in the middle to thermosetting ink thinner.
The cause of the powder in the non-elastic or slurry layer
1, no hot solid ink is thoroughly baked
Guideline: increase the baking temperature or increase the baking time.
Third, causes the ink layer to bubble
The ink layer is heated above 2300C
Guide: to lower the temperature of the wind tube, the first plate and the second plate must be baked, so the impression is the ideal.
Adding solvents to the ink also causes bubbles
Guideline: use a thermosetting ink special diluent.
Adding water to the ink also causes bubbles
Directions: make sure to use a thermosetting ink paste.
Causes and prevention of surface anti-adhesion
1, the surface of the slurry is not dry
Guideline: apply the baking temperature to the original base to improve or extend the baking time.
2, too much dilution Guideline: the amount of thinner will be controlled at 8%.
3, size is too thin
Directions: it can be used to heat the thickening of ink to improve the consistency of ink.


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