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PCB Industrial Clean Roller for Cleaning PCB Rollers PCB Cleaning Brush

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PCB Industrial Clean Roller For Cleaning PCB Rollers PCB Cleaning Brush

Product name: PCB Roller
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Type: Sponge Brush
Brush Material: PVA Sponge Roller
Function: Cleaning
Item Name: Customized PVA Sponge Rolls
Material of sponge: PVA PP PU
Material of core: PVC
Inner diameter of sponge rolls: 16-25mm
Out diameter of sponge rolls: 40-100mm
Length of PVA sponge rolls: 300-3000mm
Brush Function: Cleaning
Sample: Sample Available
Custom Service: OEM, ODM or customized

SMT Industrial Clean Roller For Cleaning PCB Rollers:
-Sponge Roller
-PVA Sponge Roller
-Absorbent PVA Sponge Roller

PVA roller is special urethane resin as raw material. The company's innovative technology development in continuous gas hole body has no analog absorbent, widely applicable to the high precision and high quality printed circuit board, the lead frame plate production of high performance water roller.

Mainly used in PCB, lead frame, photo mask, LCD prints, glass product's water absorption and dehydration.

Spotless surface without air vent, good flexibility, it can absorb as 5-10mins.




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