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Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet For CCL A Grade For Low Price PCB Products

Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet For CCL A Grade For Low Price PCB Products


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Product Details

Product Deails:

       Application: High Temperature

       Rated Voltage: Other

  • Tensile Strength: Excellent

  • Standerd Size: 41" x 49" (1030mm x 1230mm)

  • Thickness: 0.3-2mm

  • Density: 2.2g/cm3

  • Color: Yellow / Light Green / Transparent

  • Shape: Sheet or Customized

  • Bending strength: >=340Mpa

  • Dielectric constant: ≤5.5

  • Impact Voltage: >=5KV

Epoxy glass fiber sheet for CCL 

FR-4 (or FR4) is a grade designation assigned to glass-reinforced epoxy laminate sheets, tubes, rods and printed circuit boards (PCB). FR4 is a composite material composed of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing).
"FR" stands for flame retardant, and denotes that safety of flammability of FR4 is in compliance with the standard UL94V-0. FR-4 is created from the constituent materials (epoxy resin, woven glass fabric reinforcement, brominated flame retardant, etc.) by NEMA in 1968.
FR-4 Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet is a popular and versatile high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate grade with good strength to weight ratios. With near zero water absorption, FR-4 is most commonly used as an electrical insulator possessing considerable mechanical strength. The material is known to retain its high mechanical values and electrical insulating qualities in both dry and humid conditions. These attributes, along with good fabrication characteristics, lend utility to this grade for a wide variety of electrical and mechanical applications.

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